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Bad-blood In Liberia

Documents in the possession of the African Standard News indicate that Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has appointed an American citizen to manage the affairs of her elite presidential guard unit the Executive Protection Service (EPS) formerly Special Security Service (SSS).

An American passport issued March 23, 2006 to the now Director of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) Daniel Othello Warrick states that he is an American citizen an indication that he should not be holding such high profile position in accordance with Liberian law that prohibits dual citizenry.

The National Legislature of Liberia has repeatedly denied several presidential nominees confirmation to serve in government on conditions of dual citizenship.

President Sirleaf appointed Daniel Othello Warrick as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of National Defense for the Republic of Liberia and was confirmed by the Liberian Senate as the Senate had no knowledge of his American citizenship.

Investigation has also gathered Warrick who is holding dual citizenship is currently operating a scrap company in Liberia and using former AFL solders to intimidate some Liberian citizens over scrap issues.

Sources also noted that Warrick, an American citizen has dismissed at least 8 intelligence officers within Executive Protection Service (EPS) that were employed by his predecessor Samuel Brisbine and has employed his fellow Americans.

Accordingly he has also instituted another measure called suspension on duty within the Executive Protection Service (EPS) and at least 10 agents assigned at the residence of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf have since been affected by this action.

Warrick has at the same time dismissed agents with conflicting letter of dismissal with about 8 agents illegally dismissed by Daniel Othello Warrick administration withholding their three month salaries, service pay and their meuture aid funds.

Warrick issue letter of dismissal on EPS letter head on July 12, 2012 and instead putting July 12, 2011 on the letter stating that they were dismissed last year by his predecessor Samuel Brisbine who is now the acting Minister of National Security at the Ministry of National Security.

When Warwick ascended as Director and Frank O. Nyekah as Assistant Director for Administration & Operation they arranged a first meeting where the Director Warwick was addressing men & women of the services and saying

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