Alli for Your Body

To effectively lose weight you want to burn fat in addition to burning calories.  By losing excess body fat you are not only losing weight but are gaining a firmer, leaner body and reducing many health risks.  Excess body fat, especially belly fat, can lead to heart decease, high blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes just to name a few.  So looking for ways to burn fat is not only important for weight loss but for your health.
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Super foods, or foods that will help boost your fat burn, is a great natural way to increase your fat burning furnace and lose fat faster.  So what are super foods exactly?  Well just to set the record straight, there is no one single food that has “super” ingredients to melt away fat.  In fact, your body needs over 40 different nutrients each day and no one food can provide this.  Additionally, eating healthy is only one part of the formula for successfully losing weight and burning fat.  You also need to become more active.  So think of these super foods as just one of the many methods to help burn fat.

Super Foods #1 – Lean and Mean Proteins

Foods high in protein are the number one group of super foods for burning fat.  Your protein choices need to be lean with as little fat as possible.  Foods that are high in protein provide your body with the needed nutrients for revving up your fat burning process.  Foods such as lean cuts of meat, fishes, beans, tofu and even eggs provide a lot of protein and nutrients you need each day.

Super Foods #2 – Low Fat Dairy

Dairy products provide lots of calcium and helps promote weight loss.  Additionally, the calcium helps build and maintain lean muscle mass.  The more lean muscles you have the higher your basal metabolic rate.  And the higher your BMR the more calories and fat you will burn in the day.  Make sure to get fat free or low fat products such as yogurts, milk and cheeses.

Super Foods #3 – Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes provide you with lots of vitamin C.  This is the secret ingredient in these fat burning foods.  The vitamin C helps to flush out fat from your body.  This is because vitamin C can dilute your fat and reduces fat’s effectiveness making it easier to flush out of your body.

Super Foods #4 – High Fiber

Every weight loss plan needs to include high fiber foods.  The fiber helps digest foods faster which allows your body to process foods instead of storing it as fat.  Look for high fiber, low calorie cereals and breads.  Make your selections whole grain as well for additional health benefits and ways to lose weight.  Veggies are also a great source for fiber with very little calories.  Vegetables help you feel full faster so you will lose weight faster.

In addition to these super foods for burning fat, you can also help rev up your metabolism with foods as well.  Check out these metabolism boosting foods for even more natural ways to lose weight.