Bedecked in Art Strong Fashion Statements With Tapestry Coats

Bedecked in Art Strong Fashion Statements With Tapestry Coats

Creating a bold and strong fashion statement is more than just keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. It’s about taking fashion to another level by redefining fashion and injecting your own personality to your style. With the winter season beginning, more and more people are coming out of their homes wearing heavy coats. In a sea of black, brown, gray and even white coats, why not stand out by wearing a colorful and artistic tapestry coat instead?

True, the primary function of a coat is to keep the wearer warm. But who says that warm is all a coat can ever be? Why limit yourself to the usual choices between the plain or the checkered? There’s no need for you to sacrifice fashion for the sake of functionality, especially when you can have the best of both worlds.

A tapestry coat revolutionizes the old metaphor of “walking art.” Tapestry-making is an age-old art form that requires the craftsmen to create large scale tapestries from tapestry cartoons created by famous artists. A painstakingly accurate process of weaving colored weft threads and warp threads together with a vertical loom results in the creation of majestic tapestries once used to adorn the walls of castles and palaces.

Today, a lot of tapestry makers opt to create something a little more functional and less decorative. Tapestry fabrics with recurring designs are sewn together and made into garments, bags, upholstery and of course, tapestry coats.

Tapestry coats comes in a wide variety of designs and color schemes. Some tapestry coats are very subdued, having gold on green or red on gold as their subtle color schemes. Paisley prints and repetitive fleur de lis designs adorn the majority of simple tapestry coats being sold on the market.

If you’re feeling a little more bold or experimental, you can choose colorful floral tapestry coats in bright greens, oranges and reds—depicting the coming of fall. You can also choose tapestry coats with geometric patterns which would surely make you the center of attention anywhere you go.

Tapestry coats today creates a fusion of modern functionality and old world elegance. The coat fulfills its function of protecting its wearer from the cold and the harsh elements of nature with its rich and soft fabric. It also fulfills an aesthetic purpose by being stylish and unique. Have the best of both worlds by wearing a gorgeous tapestry coat this winter.

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