Expert Denver Breast Enhancement

Expert Denver Breast Enhancement

Why Breast Enhancement?

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Plastic surgery is done to increase the size and/or re-shape the women’s breasts for a variety of reasons:

  • Breasts may be disfigured from breast cancer surgery, trauma, heredity and congenital reasons and breast enhancement procedures are used to compensate for  these issues
  • Many women just wish to increase their breast size because the feel they are too small for personal reasons 
  • Sometimes breast size and shape changes after pregnancy and affected women wish to get them back to their pre-pregancy look
  • It’s not unusual for a woman’s’ breasts to be asymmetrical where one is significantly larger than the other so a desirable breast enhancement result is to make both breasts the same size and shape
  • Over time gravity and age impact the relative firmness and sagginess of many women’s breasst and there is a desire to return their breasts back to the way they were in order to improve the youthfulness of their appearance
  •  Can you relate to any of these situations? Call Dr. Morris Ritz’s office to arrange a private consultation for breast Enhancement surgery options.

    Who is a good breast Enhancement candidate?

     A good candidate is:

    • someone that already feels good about herself. Women who want to explore breast enhancement procedures should think about how you look for “you” not for someone else. If done for the right reasons breast enhancement can enhance appearance and self confidence.
    • someone that has realistic expectations for improvement. Dr Saber is always happy to speak to you about this.
    • healthy! To set a health baseline, be sure to get a breast exam with Dr. Morris Ritz.  This is a good time to consult with Dr. Morris Ritz, certified American Board of Plastic Surgery, to conduct and review your breast exam, and determine whether or not you are healthy enough for this surgery.

    Because a breast enhancement procedure is not typically covered by insurance and may cost between $5,000 and $9,000, you need to make sure that this is the right thing for you to do because it’s what you want. It’s also important to do the research necessary to understand the relevant issues and options regarding the breast enhancement surgery process and which surgeons are the best. It is always advisable to use a board certified surgeon, associated with a hospital that specializes in this procedure.

     Each patient has their own unique considerations regarding breast enhancement.  Dr. Morris Ritz will help you to understand and evaluate your breast enhancement options, including fat injections, different insert types, for example: saline versus silicone gel. He will also discuss with you: size, shape and desired projection before the breast enhancement procedure can proceed. A breast enhancement procedure typically increases a woman’s bra cup  size by one size plus.

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    What does the breast Enhancement procedure involve? 

    Women who have undergone breast enhancement procedures should be mindful that annual examinations are appropriate to evaluate the implant conditions whether they are saline or silicone.  About 300,000 breast enhancements are done annually in the US and technology is constantly improving. Look for the best breast implant technology available if and when you need replacements. Implants using newer technology are expected to keep their shape better and last longer. 

     The types of breast procedures available to you depends on your medical situation, your breast shape and size, your general health and lifestyle and your goals. Reconstruction can be performed using a variety of methods: it can be done using a women’s own body tissue, using medical implants or by using a combination of the two. If the breast enhancement procedure is due to a previous medical procedure, the reconstruction method that is right for you will depend on the kind of mastectomy you have had, the stage of your cancer when discovered, the follow up care you will need and your general health.

    In terms of implants, either type of implant may be used for reconstructive surgery, at Dr. Morris Ritz’s discretion.  Breast reconstruction and enhancement after mastectomy or lumpectomy can be performed either immediately following reconstruction. The reconstruction surgery, however, may be delayed and performed weeks, months and even years after mastectomy. You and Dr. Morris Ritz can decide which of these options is best for you.
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    How long is the recovery period? 

     An important consideration for breast enhancement candidates is how the recovery period will fit into their life.  Of  course, physically fit patients should recover faster than sedentary candidates.  Similarly, younger women will recover, as a rule, more quickly than older women. Patients are typically able to walk immediately after the surgery. Dressing will be removed after several days and replaced by a surgical bra. Stitched should come out between a week and ten days post surgery.

    Where is the breast Enhancement surgery performed?

     Breast Enhancement surgery, Denver, is delivered by Colorado’s premier plastic surgery office: the practice of William L.Saber M.D., F.A.C.S. Dr. Morris Ritz’s practice resides at the new Lutheran Medical Plaza at 3455 Lutheran Parkway, Suite #220, Wheat Ridge, Co 80033. This beautiful state-of-the-art hospital is just minutes west of Metro Denver.
    Dr. Morris Ritz’s patients may take advantage of a luxurious environment that boasts a state-of-the-art, out patient surgical
    facility right next to our office. Our patients receive complete care to ensure that the experience is smooth and
    comfortable. As part of the Exempla Physician Network – Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Morris Ritz delivers superior service including board-certified anesthesiologists and oncologists. Dr. Morris Ritz is a founding member of

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