Hamstring Exercises for Strength

Hamstrings refers to the group of 3 muscles that are at the back of the thigh. When one has tight hamstrings, it is usually when the hamstrings are shorter than usual. This is a common problem that many people have. Wearing high heels and sitting for long hours without regular stretching of the hamstrings is the cause of tight hamstrings. Fortunately, there are many hamstring exercises that we can do to lengthen and reduce the tightness of our hamstrings. Here are some of the hamstring exercises that anyone can do.

Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is among the most popular and effective hamstring exercises that targets the butt and the hamstrings. You will only need a set of dumbbells and you can easily do this at home. First hold the dumbbells in both hands. Then, keep your arms straight and fold forward from your hips. You should feel a stretch on your hamstrings the lower you bend forward. If the stretch is too much, you can bend your knees a little. Come back up not by using your back muscles but by squeezing your glute muscles to pull and straighten your body up.

Glute Ham Raise

The Glute Ham Raise is the opposite of sit ups. Instead of starting by lying on your back, you start by facing down. This exercise will require a special fit equipment that is available at the gym. Keep your thighs on the half mood pad and also your knees behind it. Your heels will be on two small pads behind you which are adjustable. Push your knees against the pad that is in front of it, which is the one that your thighs are on and lift your upper body up. This exercise can effectively stretch and strengthen your hamstrings.hamstring exercises

Leg Curls

One of the easiest hamstring exercises is the leg curl. The leg curl will not cause you to have bulky legs but you will get an overall toned legs with strong hamstrings. Bodybuilders often use the Leg curl exercise to develop a more defined hamstrings but anyone can use this simple exercise to help lengthen their hamstring muscles to reduce the tightness.

Hamstring exercises are like any other exercises that can help you to burn off calories and body fat. Fats are often collected at our hamstrings and these exercises will be very effective to help anyone who wants to lose the hamstrings fats when coupled with healthy diet.