SmartDNS is a service which offers a selection of benefits to individuals who use different applications across a number of different user interfaces. The main focus of the Overplay SmartDNS software is to protect the devices that are being used and to make sure that you have a high-quality experience when you are using applications across a wide range of interfaces. This means that you have the freedom to explore and experience a wide range of different applications through out the web and can use them in an easy way that can benefit you in the long run. So what does it offer and how can benefit you? In this Overplay vpn review we will take a look and will outline the features and benefits of this tool.


The good thing about this product is that the tools that it offers are all very cheap. The Smart DNS software is available for a starting price of $4.95 and this will allow you to sign up and begin using the software immediately. The secure VPN software is also available for a small price and their plans start at $9.95. Both of these pieces of software can be accessed and the user simply needs to register an account before they download the app to their devices.

The Smart DNS service

The smart DNS service is one part of the Overplay platform and allows the user the ability to carry out fast access which is unrestricted to content services that are based around the world. Smart DNS is useful as it allows you to do this in a way which is quick and easy and means that you can always have access to the content that you enjoy and love on the web, even if it is only available in other markets or countries. You can then connect to this content by using the smart DNS platform and download it or stream it via your own Internet connection. The other good thing about this platform is that it works on a wide range of devices including mobile phones, games consoles, tablets as well as PCs and laptops. It also even works on the Smart TV device.

The Global VPN service

The reliable VPN service is another tool that can be accessed within the Overplay website and has the ability of allowing the individual the freedom to explore websites, whilst offering a connection which is completely encrypted and secure, whether you are at home or in a public space. This tool also allows individuals the ability to surf on websites and avoid restrictions by selecting which country you are using the software in manually. The software also allows you the ability to browse at home without any restrictions and you can also do this via a mobile device or by using Wi-Fi hotspots.


The main focus of these applications is that they offer a high level of security and will place the user into a safe position when they are surfing over a wide number of websites that are based around the world. By using these tools, the individual can be safe in the knowledge that they are exploring the full extent of the Internet without the worry of any viruses or intrusions of privacy.


Support is available via the Overplay website and the individual can easily gain access to information by asking the question and submitting it by using the support link on the website. Individuals can also get immediate access to information by chatting online via the live online support Chat System that can be found in the support page on the website.

Other benefits about this platform include the fact that they have 48 servers that are based in different countries around the world so that you will always get the maximum possible connection speed when you are surfing the web. This feature also allows the individual the ability to switch which country they are in when they are surfing the web so that they can gain access to websites that they may not have been able to otherwise. The reliable VPN software is now recommended by many individuals thanks to its high-speed abilities and it’s desirable function of being able to get through firewalls. It’s also very easy to use an individuals will be able to set it up quickly and effectively.

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